AIG Malaysia: 360┬░ Insurance Plan

Complete Insurance Services By AIG Malaysia

Being one of several pioneers of insurance services in Malaysia for more than 60 years, AIG serves us by offering quality delivery by way of medical insurance Malaysia and risk management solutions. Ever since the day the building blocks is set in 1953, AIG’s consistent development lead to gradual growth in their very own network of agents, brokers, and scheme, with now about 15 offices opened all over the country.

AIG holds on to the thought that insurance and financial protection is needed in managing the uncertain future. Hence, they’ve developed a variety of risk management plan that will fit both private individuals’ and businesses needs.

When acquiring assets along the lines of homes and cars, the authority has rendered insurance purchase mandatory to make sure that everyone can protect themselves during incidents. If the customers opt to acquire the car of home insurance from AIG, they’re going to be in a position to enjoy maximum coverage from common risks with the appropriate payment.

AIG Malaysia

Nevertheless, their health remains the primary aspect all people should prioritize upon. As AIG Malaysia proactively educates the citizen about the incredible importance of a medical insurance plan, it is pleasing to witness a gradual increase in quantities of health-related insurance purchase annually caused by their tireless effort.

As a result of the rise of international trading and more affordable travelling expenses, the Malaysian citizen has a tendency to travel more both for work and leisure. Because there’s huge need for travel insurance, AIG offers a complete coverage plan for its customers which has had a catchy tagline, that is “let us “Jaga” you on your trip”.

Moreover, for business entities, AIG is actively offering a high-level risk management plan that is associated with the requirements. Whether it’s extended warranty insurance, aerospace insurance, fronting and captive services insurance, or trade credit insurance, corporate customers can alter their subscription plan with AIG to stop both over insurance and underinsurance.

AIG recognizes well that corporate clientele in manufacturing, education, creditors, import & export, construction, or even the aviation sector has different insurance coverage specifications; in fact, it is this is the sole intent of providing such standard of flexibility. Also, it even focuses on the necessity of smaller-scale businesses and helps them by giving SME Package to qualified companies.

Through AIG Malaysia’s website, individuals and corporations can obtain more knowledge about the services offered and even acquire a quote upon furnishing related information. Dependent upon their requirements, customers may well obtain a private meeting with nearby agents and a lot more for more information regarding AIG’s products or services.

Taking innovation in marketing to the next level, AIG Malaysia has worked along with Lazada to grant online medical insurance Malaysia purchase in their partner’s platform. With the way, customers can have a more friendly online shopping experience as his or her insurance coverage is generally approved around 3 days upon successful purchase and registration.